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When To Stop Playing Poker

When To Stop Playing Poker

by : JonSnow1983

The main goal of this article is to help you improve your poker game before encouraging you to put those skills into practice playing online at or any online poker site. Playing poker is very fun and can also be beneficial if you are good enough (or lucky). However, there are also times when you should not play poker under any circumstances.

Don't play under the effects of fatigue

To make the most of a poker table you must pay attention, stay focused and be able to notice basic trends, such as betting patterns or physical signs (if you play live). It is practically impossible to get those patterns when you are feeling tired. Instead of giving all your attention to each hand, you may just"unplug" after folding, misread hands on or even click when you should not hence losing chips unnecessarily. Ignore the need to play poker if fatigue does not allow you to perform at your top level. To increase attention, sleep more, lead a healthy life and do some exercise. These three simple measures can guarantee that you do not overlook anything that happens at the poker table and that you deploy your full potential.

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